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Welcome to our   WSA Innovations-Open   FORA  a place where  people from different walks of life , businesses, projects, careers , experiences and interested come together to discuss and resolving business and project challenges!.  We are motivated to facilitate project and Business success while resolving day today questions through a FORA! (forum)

Goal of the FORA,

To be the leading booster of project and Business success in the EAST Africa Regional countries by the year 2030 and the general continent

Main objective of the FORA

·        To provide solid experts advises to all business owners experiencing challenges in their businesses and projects 

·        2. To catalyze better business and project practices for both micro and macro projects 

·        3. To boost the capacity of managers and inviduals in business and project management

Our major objective is to meet face to face with stakeholders facing common challenges in their business and projects as well as providing experts advise while problem solving objectively! .

Key activities

1.     Capacity building Trainings

2.     Creative  and Strategic  documentations and writings

3.     Coaching

4.     Motivation speaking

5.     Consulting services

6.     Advisory services

7.     Testing innovations

8.     Research

Target group

·        All parties interested in the FORA Events

Mode of delivery

·        Consultative and facilitative mode. All upcoming will be advertise

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