Statistics and Analytical Services



(Both scientific and none scientific investigations)

What kind of Analysis do we perform?

v  Baseline studies (Data Analysis)

v  Assessment studies (Data Analysis)

v  Evaluation Studies (Data Analysis)

v  Investigative studies(Data Analysis)

v  Feasibility studies (Data Analysis)

v  Case Studies (Data Analysis)

v  Censuses (Data Analysis)

v  Customers and Product Assessment (Data Analysis)

v  Market Researches (Data Analysis)

v  Human Resource Statistics(Data Analysis)

v  Staff Appraisals (Data Analysis)

v  Social Statistics  (Data Analysis)

v  Crime Statistics (Data Analysis)

v  Health Statistics (Data Analysis)

v  Price Variations/Determination (Analysis)

v  Profit Margins and loose computations (Data Analysis)

v  Trends Analysis/ business forecasting’s (Analysis)

v  Nutritional Statistics (Data Analysis)

v  Agricultural Statistics (Data Analysis)

v  Education Statistics (Data Analysis)

v  Evaluation of medical reports (Analysis)

v  Travels and Product manufacturing (Analysis)

v  Performances and Projection

v  Pure,Action, Applied, predictive ,Mgt Research Analysis

v  Project indictors assessments  (Analysis)

v  Writing project reports (Annual, quarterly , or mid)

v  We conduct surveys and researches on behalf of our clients

v  Sampling and Sample size calculation for bigger and small projects

v  We also write project proposals on behalf of other companies and bodies

Research studies
 We provide consultancy services on

2.      Conducting baseline studies

4.      Feasibility studies

5.      Market assessment/Analysis studies

6.      Quarterly Midterm, End of project and Impact evaluation studies

7.      Product performance studies

8.      Item/product profitability analysis studies

9.      Consumer insight studies

10.  Competitor Analysis Studies and forecasting

11.  Staff performance appraisal studies

12.  Business , Product , sector, Market etc classification Studies 

13.  General business and sector Evaluation studies among others.


14.  Providing  general Research advisory and consultancy services


v  Provide capacity building trainings on Statistical data Analysis, research, Grant writing, among others.

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