Services offered Description 

Capacity Building Trainings Trainings in. 

• Project management

• Statistical data Analysis

• Research methods

• Business Planning and Management

• Entrepreneurship skills 

• Human Resource Management 

• Quality Management 

• Management consultancy

• Operations management 

• Managing change in projects and Teams

• Writing project Plans and strategies

• Risk Management 

• Team building 

• Marketing and customer care

• GiS and Map work

• Personal development 

• Financial planning 

• Computerized project  planning and Analysis

• Feasibility studies 

• Project Monitoring and Evaluation

• Writing project proposal, briefs and concepts

• Writing comprehensive project schedules, Plans, and performance  strategies

• Strategic and Business planning

• Cash budgeting 

• Financial accounting

• Qualitative data analysis with Atlas Ti , Anvivo etc

Research and other studies

Baseline surveys

 Feasibility studies 

 Assessment studies

 Project evaluation studies 

 Market research studies

 Products and Brand studies 

 Stakeholder based studies 

 Traceability in business 

 Research design

 Data collection 


Analytics(from simple to complex statistical models)  Statistical data Analysis 

• Analysis of qualitative data (text data)

• Data mining 

• Data Management 

• Management of information systems 

• Data modeling

• Writing Analytical Reports

• Data entry

Project Management • Strategic Planning

• Writing Project Plans

• Business Planning 

• Writing concept notes, 

• Management of projects 


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 Our mission statement

To provide first hand SMART advisory and consulting services to our clients in Africa and the world at large


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Main objective 

To expand our visibility in Uganda, Rwanda and East Africa region by the year 2030 

Specific Objectives

               To offer specialized professional capacity building training services to companies, governments organisations, Teams, Groups and individuals

  1. ·         To offer expert’s project and business mentoring and advisory services to companies, governments, organisations, entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals across the globe
  2. ·         To offer Research consulting services to organisations, companies, governments, business community, organisations, groups of people and individuals
  3. ·         To offer quantitative (Statistical) and Qualitative (text) analytical consulting services to companies , governments, organisations  groups and individuals
  4. ·         To offer Projects and business planning and Management consulting services to companies, governments , organisations, Teams, and individuals 


Our vision

To become the leading center of Excellency in providing expertise consulting services in Uganda and the East African region at large by 2030.

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